Animal Wellness

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Healing Sessions

Divine Spa & Wellness Center offers healing sessions performed at your home, where pets are comfortable in their own environment. Learn more below.

Benefits of Animal Wellness

Our healing sessions are approximately one hour long and performed in the comfort of your home to keep your pet at ease.

There are many benefits to animal wellness healing sessions from an overall sense of well-being to the following:

  • Pain Relief

  • Stress Relief

  • Inflammation Reduction

  • Faster Wound Healing

  • Detoxification

  • Improved Blood Flow

  • Increased Metabolic Activity

  • Enhanced Immune Function

  • Organ, Gland and Chakra Balance


Muscle testing uses the muscle system of an animal’s body as a source of information.

Healing Touch & Reiki

Healing Touch for Animals is a way to improve the lives of animals through hands-on energy therapy.  Techniques help to naturally promote the healing of animals who may be suffering from injury, illness or prior abuse.  Can assist animals with emotional and behavioral health and help them focus better during competitions.


Acupressure works with the body’s meridian system.  Finger pressure is used to balance points along these pathways.  This therapy prevents or removes blockages in the energy flow.

Essential Oils

Animals respond well to essential oils.  They are used for supporting the physical wellness of your pet to help with emotional well-being.

Flower Remedies

Flower remedies can help to balance emotional attitudes, bringing renewed energy to the path of wellness.

LifeWave Energy Patches

These patches are called ‘acupuncture without needles’ and stimulate the energy flow of the body when applied over acupressure points.

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